Autumn Book Series 2013
  • The Still Point of the Turning World
    The Still Point of the Turning World
    by Emily Rapp


  • Lift
    by Kelly Corrigan




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 I went to see the Avengers with my kids this past weekend. We spend a lot of time in my house discussing superpowers, mutants and heroes and creating our own in print and in practice. I realize most of our conversations revolve around the exciting powers, the cool attributes, the easiest path to shooting webs or flying or smashing, but not the true measure of "super."

superheroes and vulnerability

 Superheroes make a difference. They go above and beyond what is easy or required and save people, fix problems, ease pain...listen when it is time to be quiet and pay attention. In my house we all want to be superheroes and we pretend that we are. I am realizing that we don't have to one does. The power to be super is there. It only requires the conviction to do something, anything, that might seem scary at first, but makes a difference.

About a decade ago, I decided that I was probably an idealist when I was younger. That my big ideas to change the world and make it a better place were unrealistic, but I was wrong. I started out with a superhero inside me...we all do. Our task in life is to bring all that is super within us to the surface and spread it around. Today I've decided that I am probably an idealist. That my big ideas are to change the world and make it a better place. Today I know that even though I thought I couldn't be a superhero, I was wrong, I can.

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my boys are deep in superhero stories. reflecting on my essential power...

Thursday, May 10 | Unregistered Commentermelissa

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